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Add photosVerified by BusinessSee 9 More Services“Dan has been assisting us with our pest control for the past few years and has always done amazing work for us.” in 6 reviews“Shawn came out to do an inspection for some termite concerns.” in 3 reviewsSponsored262 reviews19.6 miles away from Arizona Organic Pest & Termite ControlAlexia J.…

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Nobody likes having pests in their home or business, but there’s often something particularly nasty about cockroaches. The smell, the scurrying, the crunching if you happen to step on one – it is anything but pleasant. Most roach infestations in homes or businesses…Whether they’re in the kitchen cooking up culinary classics or rescuing children in…

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Skip to contentBed BugsBed bugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of humans and are usually found in close proximity to beds.  Bed bugs need blood to survive, so…CockroachesCockroaches are known to infest everything from homes to restaurants, and are often found on ships and planes.  They tend to follow plumbing…

How to Help Get Rid of Paper Wasps


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want the queen to settle in or around your home. Fortunately, there are ways to help control new wasp colonies.What is a Paper Wasp?As the name suggests, paper wasps are a type of wasp that make their nests from paper. They belong to the sub-family Polistes, and…

GoldSeal® service for Cockroach Control


WHY CHOOSE THIS SERVICE?Super-attractive gel that is irresistible to cockroaches No smell, no fuss, no inconvenience No need to vacate the kitchen A spray treatment for protection against ants Free additional cockroach traps Job completed while you wait! With an intensive understanding of the extent of damage cockroaches can cause, PCI has developed an in-house…

how to create solution with powder by yourself?

Termites are smart and organized creatures. In their societies various castes perform different social roles.For example, the queen is responsible for producing thousands of new termites, workers search for food, complete different jobs in the colony and care for the queen and the babies.Soldiers are always able to fight to defend their nest. As you…

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer at Lowes.com


Item # 905146 Model # HG-9652228 Ratings4.5 AverageRecommend thisproductHave an opinion? Help others decide. Write a ReviewCommunity Q&A View Nowesi.pricing = /pd/Hot-Shot-Bed-Bug-Killer/1000321845/pricingesi.availability = /pd/Hot-Shot-Bed-Bug-Killer/1000321845/availability BED BUG TREATMENT: Contains four products for the detection of treatment of bed bugs in the home DETECTION: Kit contains Hot Shot Bed Bug Glue Trap to help provide early warning…

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